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[hiya! i made another account! idk why... but anyway this is my 1ST x reader eva! So dont judge pweaz! hehe C: otay! ENJOY!


[your POV]

You where sitting in your house on your couch, bored as fuck. You were watching 'Con air', a movie that John Egderp begged you to watch...

'i'm so going to kill egderp later....' You thought,

You paused the movie and got up, walking to your room and ploping on your swirly chair.  You did one swirl bringing your knees up to your chest. You continued to swirl faster and faster until you felt like you were going to puke. Laying on your bed, you sighed realilizing how bored you were. "By GOD! there's nothing to doooooo!". You closed your eyes thinking of something to do, after a while the door bell rang startling you a bit. You groaned and lazily got up shuffling your feet towards the door.

"Who is it?" you asked leaning against the door. No answer. You groan opening the door, " I said wh-" "SIS!". You were tac- no wait, 'GLOMPED', by your bestest friend and crush. Gamzee. Motherfucking. Makara.

"SiS! I mOtHeRfUcKiNg MiSsEd YoU! hOnK." Gamzee said as he nuzzled your chest, you blushed (b/c), patting his head. "Heh heh, me too gamgam.. Do you mind getting off me now? ^^'" "sUrE sIs.." gamzee muttered a little disappointed. He stood and helped you off the floor. "So what's up gamgam?" you smiled and he looked down at you giving you one of his goofy stoned smiles, "aW nOtHiN' mUcH sIs, HoNk, JuSt WaNtEd To SeE iF yOu WaNtEd To Go HaNg OuT aT mY hIvE?". You giggled ,"Sure gamgam! Let's go!" you happily skipped pass him out of the door. He chuckled and lifted you up and held you bridal style. You blushed (b/c) as pieces of your (h/c) hair fell in your bright face. "WeLl It WoUlD'nT bE mOtHeRfUcKiNg NiCe To LeT sUcH a CuTe MoThErFuCkInG tRoLl To Go ThOuGhT aLl Of ThAt AnD wAlK lIkE fIvE mIlEs NoW wOuLd It (name)? hOnK." you laughed as gamzee started swaying you in his arms like a child. 

'Haha, gamzees acting different.. Eh, probaly just excited about something.' you thought rapping your arms around Gamzees neck bringing you closer to him.

After a little while you two ended up on a hill with a big single tree on it. It was almost sunset so the huge tree looked amazing, orange beams of light shined threw the branches and livly green leafs. Gamzee walked up to the tree you still in his arms, and sat down against the tree with you sitting on his lap. You cuddled into his chest watching the sunset with him. You looked up to see Gamzee looking quite...nervous. You lightly poked gamzees cheek, he lightly blushes as he looked down at you. "gamgam? Are you alright? You seem awfully nervous.." "N-NoT rEaLlY sIs..." He studered out, making you frown. "Why not gam?..", he looked away a little, a light shade of purple forming along his cheeks, "wElL... i NeEd To TeLl YoU sOmEtHiNg SiS...." you sat up and faced him, still sitting on his lap. "Yes gamzee?" your voice full of concern, "Uh.. I wAnTeD tO sAy, ThAt Im MoThErFuCkInG fLuShEd FoR yOu (name)!". Your heart stopped, you never thought gamzee would say those magical words... "G-gamzee..." you whispered, slight tears form on the edges on gamzee's purple and yellow eyes, "i-iTs MoThErFuCkInG a-aLrIgHt I-If YoU do-". You cut him off by colliding your lips into his, throwing your arms around his neck, deepening the passionate kiss. You alightly pulled away, " Im flushed for you too gamgam.." he smiled, bringing you into a tight hug and continued to watch the sunset together. "sO aRe YoU mY mOtHeRfUcKiNg MaTeSpRiTe ThEn?" you giggle kissing his nose, "Definitly."



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Even When I'm a grandma... hOnK.. : o)
FunnkyBunny Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013
MoThErFuCkInG lOvE iT!! HoNk :o) I will always love Gamzee forever!!~~~<333
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Ermagerd saaaaaame!
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